Intro to code!! With HTML & JS

First step to making SAFE Web-Apps

EASIEST ROUTE TO TAKE!! For BRAND NEW CODERS!! Gets you up to speed on creating basic websites with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Once you can do that, you can move onto the next lessons which teach you how to make your websites interact with the SAFE Network!

Learn to use Javascript to Interact with SAFE

Create Folders, Files & URLs with SAFE-JS Library

This is Step #2, since you need basic knowledge of HTML and Javascript for this. Here we learn how to use Javascript in our websites to create and modify data on the SAFE Network! This lets us create very powerful websites / web apps for the world to use, all with just a few lines of code!

Making Desktop Applications

Intro to actual software development

Work in Progress. This section is not yet ready. We reccomend looking into frameworks like Electron that can help you make software programs that will work on Windows, Mac & Linux, but we don't have a tutorial ready for you yet.

Making Mobile SAFE Apps

Making App Software for SAFE

This section is also not ready yet. For now, we reccomend you look into frameworks like Cordova, which let you use simple HTML, CSS & Javascript to make full-featured mobile apps! Also, you could always just make simple web apps (see lesson above) instead, because they will work on desktop and mobile devices!

Go make Apps!

Change the world with SAFE

Once you have completed these lessons, you are ready to make SAFE Apps! Replace centralized / government-controlled Facebook, eBay, Reddit, Netflix, etc with permanent, annonymous and secure apps that ensure that society stays safe, free, democratic, and forever!